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Sydney's Favourite Belly Dancing classes:
for Fabulous Fun, Friends and Fitness!

Want to do something good for your body and soul?

"Bellydancing is a beautiful way to connect with our feminine, creative, sensual energy. The dancing feels liberating and joyful. Belly dancing is also a fun way to strengthen the core muscles and helps you to relax and unwind after a busy day at work. Even if you think you can’t dance, Rachel breaks down each move so that they are easy to follow and anyone can do them. It's soul inspiring - I love it!!" - Eva

COVID-19 NOTICE: Due to public health regulations, we are offering limited places for in-person classes at studios around Sydney, as well as interactive online class options. See our online timetable and choose what suits you best.

Register now for courses starting late July.

Term 3 will commence from Monday 20 July, and bookings are now open!


Belly Dancing Class Descriptions:

Level 1Bellydance FundamentalsBellydance Fundamentals / Beginners

This is our signature course! It's the starting point for brand new beginners, dancers with less than a year's experience, or anyone who has grown up with social bellydance but never learnt formally. You'll learn key moves and building blocks of belly dance, such as shimmies, hip drops, circles and more. If you have some experience, we'll challenge you to gain more control, nuance, elegance and musicality.

Women of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels are welcome; no experience is needed.

Online: Monday 7pm, Wednesday 6.45pm, Thursday 7pm

In studio: Sydney CBD Monday 6.30pm, Chatswood Monday 7pm, Epping Wednesday 6.45pm, Miranda Wednesday 6.45pm, Punchbowl THursday 6.45pm, Rozelle Thursday 7pm

Level 2Bellydance Beyond BeginnersBellydance Beyond Beginners

Confident with all the basics? This class is for dancers with at least 9 months of bellydance class experience, who want to challenge themselves.

In Term 4 you have three courses to choose from.

Oriental Technique: All the moves that take you from a beginner... beyond! Jewels, layered shimmies, undulations, 3/4 shimmies, hip drop variations and more. Tuesday 7.45pm with Johara - online only

Fan Veils Tech and Choreo: an exciting modern routine using silk fans, choreographed by Andrea, who's an expert in this popular prop. Expect an arm workout! (You need to bring your own fan veils. They can be bought locally from Amera's Palace.)

Vintage Lebanese Style: Inspired by famous dancer Nadia Hamdi, we'll explore her exuberant style and develop an upbeat choreography to the well-known song "Hizzi ya Nawaem".

Oriental Technique - Tuesday 7.45pm
Fan Veils - Monday 5.30pm
Vintage Lebanese - Wednesday 7.45pm

In studio:
Fan Veils - Monday 5.30pm Sydney CBD; Thursday 7.45pm Punchbowl
Vintage Lebanese - Wednesday 7.45pm in Epping or Miranda

FitnessBellydance for FitnessBellydance for Fitness

Want to be stronger, more powerful in your moves, and full of energy? Improve your coordination, cardio fitness, strength, flexibility and body awareness, through bellydance movement. This class is not designed to teach bellydance technique or performance skills; instead we are taking the moves you already know and putting a fitness spin on them. Get ready to sweat and feel the burn.

Some bellydance experience is required to take this course; if you've never danced before, please join our Bellydance Fundamentals course this term to learn the basic technique. We recommend taking another bellydance course to keep developing your dancing.

More details on the Fitness Classes page.

Online Only: Wednesday 6.15pm, Saturday 10.15am

FolkFolkloric DancesBellydance Open Level: Folklore

The Middle East is home to an amazing diversity of cultures, each with its own unique flavour of music and dance. Take a journey of discovery around different countries and regions with us.

This term you will learn a Suez Canal regional dance, fusing familiar bellydance steps with regional movement variations. It's upbeat and has lots of twisting, so get ready to sweat.

Not suitable for absolute beginners: at least Beyond Beginner level is needed. We recommend taking another bellydance course to keep developing your "Oriental" style dancing.

Thursday 8pm: online or at our Rozelle studio

Level 3Bellydance IntermediateBellydance Intermediate Level

A class for experienced dancers (minimum 2 years of classes) who are already very confident with the Fundamentals and BBs movement vocabulary. Our wonderful group of dancers have become good friends through dancing together, and many of them love performing together. New participants are always welcome.

In Term 4 we'll be tackling a drum solo with finger cymbals, for a new co-ordination challenge!

Monday 8pm, online or at our Chatswood studio

Bellydance troupe rehearsalsBellydance Troupe Rehearsals

Calling all dancers who've already been with Inspire Bellydance for some time, and have learnt routines that you don't want to forget!

Would you like to gather your crew and rehearse together? We are making group rehearsal times available for various past routines. These will be free to access, as long as you're attending at least one other class. We are calling on YOU to express your interest in being a Team Leader. Get in touch!

By arrangement

Bellydance private lessonsBellydance Private Lessons

Whatever level you're at, if you want to learn more quickly, get maximum individual attention, or focus on a specific topic of your choosing; all Inspire Bellydance teachers are available for private lessons. These can be one-on-one, or if a family member wants to learn with you, we can do that too.
Perfect for women with a wedding or special event coming up, who want to feel more comfortable dancing in front of friends and family; for aspiring performers needing help to raise their skill level or stagecraft; for those who feel too shy to learn in a group; or for anyone wanting the deluxe treatment! Contact us to enquire.

By arrangement

Don't forget, we also offer Zumba Gold and Yoga for Beginners classes! See the Fitness Classes page for more details.

More info about Bellydance Classes

Inspire Bellydance offers group classes for all levels from absolute beginners onwards, as well as private tuition and workshops. We teach Modern and classical Egyptian, Egyptian Folkloric, contemporary and Tribal Fusion bellydance styles.

Bookings are now open!

Belly Dancing Class

If you find gyms intimidating, pretentious or just plain boring, this is the exercise for you! In belly dance class, you will develop your body awareness and co-ordination, and enhance your confidence and creativity as well as core strength and fitness. However it's not "bellyrobics" and it's not about getting a sweaty workout. Instead, we aim to teach you to dance safely, beautifully and with joy.

Our classes are fun, friendly and inspiring. Come with a friend or alone - unlike other dance forms, no partner is required. So give yourself the gift of an hour a week that's just for YOU to feel feminine and gorgeous!

There is no upper age limit: our oldest current student just turned 90, and I've heard of 100-year-old dancers! If you need a self esteem boost, a belly dance class is a great way to do it. Please also check out the Bellydance At Any Size Manifesto. We believe that "everyone has a right to move their bodies in a safe and comfortable environment regardless of their age, weight, shape, ability or activity-level. Belly dance activity should not be an exception."


What is Belly Dancing?

No, it's not about harems or seduction! This dance goes far deeper than that. Belly dance began as a folk dance, long ago, in Egypt and surrounding areas. It was a dance of community and of celebration; it was how people partied at weddings and other important social gatherings, and a way of expressing oneself. It was something for everyone (men as well as women) to participate in, regardless of age or skill. And in some communities, bellydance remains all of these things.

Only in about the past century has it been refined and put on the stage as something for audiences to watch. Now, we see elements of western dance (eg ballet) being combined with the traditional hip- and torso-focussed movements to create a more visually exciting look. (The two-piece costumes commonly seen nowadays are also a modern invention.) Modern bellydance is beautiful, expressive, and has a rich repertoire of moves using all parts of the body, from the head to the toes!

Bellydance isn't as easy as you might think, but it's hugely rewarding. On the physical level, exercises in class can improve your co-ordination, body awareness, core strength, posture, flexibility and more. There are mental and emotional benefits as well, including enhancing body image, creative expression, memory, spatial awareness and even alleviating depression.

Want to know more about its benefits? Read about Bellydance and Body Image, and Beating the Winter Blues, and further articles and resources.

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About our Belly Dance classes

Within the oasis of the dance studio, you can make new friends and improve your fitness as you learn a new skill. Be inspired to find the joy and passion in dance! You'll also gain an appreciation of Middle Eastern culture, and perhaps a penchant for sequin-encrusted exotic costuming. You can also perform what you've learnt at regular events such as "Haflas" - Bellydance community events with teachers and students from around Sydney. Enrolled students also receive free access to videos that revise class content so you can practise at home.

"Thanks for introducing me to bellydance, thanks for creating a comfortable, friendly environment in which to learn, giving me great opportunities to perform and to grow and for believing in me so I actually believe in myself. Thanks for creating Inspire! Bellydance - it's a beautiful community of wonderful and amazing women. I feel privileged to know each and every one of you!" - Felicia

Belly dance classThe lessons also offer you a physical and mental challenge. Each class begins with a warm-upand grounding exercise to prepare the body and get you in the mood to dance. Typically, we then revise the previous week's steps, learn new moves, and put them together into short sequences. Some weeks will have more of a focus on technique, others on musicality and improvisation; some terms look at choreography, others focus on technique. Finally, we stretch out and cool down.

We place our focus on technique, safety, enjoyment and appreciation. Class sizes are small enough to guarantee individual attention so you can get your technique right from the very start. Mothers and daughters as young as 4 are welcome - it's a beautiful way to develop your relationship! Most of our studios do not have mirrors, so they are perfect for women who are not yet comfortable with their body image. Instead, we encourage you to focus on how the moves feel from the inside, rather than how they look on the outside. This is the true essence of Egyptian Oriental dance (belly dance).

Looking for beginners' belly dance classes? The Bellydance Fundamentals course is suitable for absolute beginners or anyone with less than 6 months to 1 year dance experience. It teaches you posture, basic moves and technique, and footwork, as well as short combinations to encourage your creativity and expression. We explore Arabic music and rhythms, and introduce you to musical interpretation. Students are encouraged to take this course at least three times over before progressing, in order to consolidate and refine consolidate the basics. Courses alternate between technique (foundation concepts, core moves, musical interpretation and improvisation) and choreography, so you'll have the chance to try both and even perform if you wish.

We teach Modern and classical Egyptian, Egyptian Folkloric, contemporary and Tribal Fusion bellydance styles. Find out more about bellydance styles here.

Beyond Beginners and Intermediate Bellydance courses are for students with at least nine months of belly dancing class experience (though it depends on the individual; ask your teacher for advice on your level). Each term has a specific focus, and often we work on a choreography by either Rachel or an Egyptian master teacher. These courses will develop your dancing with a focus on more complex combinations and footwork, improvisation and musicality, and more advanced techniques that build on your key bellydance moves from Fundamentals classes. Depending on the level of classes, elements of Egyptian folkloric dance may be taught, as well as props such as veil, finger cymbals (also known as zills or sagat), stick (cane or assaya) and sword balancing. Some terms and special workshops will introduce choreography and the use of props. Certain classes may also investigate Tribal Fusion and other bellydance styles. Group performance opportunities are available at community events through out the year.

Watch "Beyond Beginners" Inspire Bellydance students in action here!

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Course structure

Classes are run in 10-week terms, aligned with school terms. This structure means that you will learn in a systematic way, with each week building on the knowledge gained in the previous classes. However, we do enough revision that new students can join in at any time.

Often, term ends with an optional "hafla" (party) or night out at a Middle Eastern restaurant (not included in class fee) where you can dress up in your bellydance finest, enjoy an authentic meal, watch a bellydance show, and get up to dance with the rest of the class in a relaxed social environment. Performance opportunities may also be available.

Intermediate Bellydance class

Private Bellydance Classes

Fast-track your learning, get personalised assistance with particular techniques, or learn a choreography created especially for you! A one-on-one class with your teacher will address your individual needs and wishes, including assessing your personal strengths and weaknesses in your dancing. Other topics may include performance skills and preparation, emotional preparation, and working with props.

Small group privates are an option for 2-5 students of similar experience, wishing to work on particular techniques or develop a choreography.

Private lessons are available at my home, a rented studio, or at your home (depending on location). Prices on application. Gift vouchers are available for private classes.

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